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A few steps from the most important ski resort in South America, we offer a holiday with genuine mountain activities

Catedral Alta Patagonia is the main ski resort in the region. A pioneer in South America, today it is Argentina’s most complete ski center and keeps on updating its facilities to offer visitors the most advanced infrastructure. It has over 120 kilometers of tracks and trails and 600 skiable hectares, 39 lifts, with a towing capacity of approx. 35,000 skiers per hour, a variety of gourmet spots, ski schools for all ages, levels and styles, a first aid room center offering a nursing room, x-rays and ambulance services as well as a private health center which can solve from simple queries to trauma problems. With options for all types of skiing, including backcountry, those who practice freestyle and snowboarding have a specially designed area with bumps and rails so that they can show their abilities. Other alternatives include: snow tours, a 50-kilometer self-guided challenge for intermediate and advanced skiers, differential spaces for all levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced) where skiers and snowboarders can learn, dare, have fun and practise big air jumps and obstacles. Cerro Catedral also has a Nordic ski or background track, a type of skiing that goes back to the early days of using snow boards as a means of transport, and today is practiced as a recreational activity, fun and accessible to all - and ideal for groups of all ages.

Ski/Snowborad Rental
Cerro Catedral has varied options for ski and snowboard rental. With over 4,000 premier equipment, the ski rentals are distributed at strategic points within the complex and offer a comprehensive service for all levels during the winter season. They have repair shop to make arrangements and adjustments to the equipment so that they are always in good condition. At the base addition, you can find lockers for your everyday objects, helmets (mandatory for children under 12 years), skiwear, and all details designed to help you make snow with maximum security and tranquility. Thanks to our experience, we can help you to choos your best ski and snowboard equipment, because it's not just about some boots and a board - it's about getting the right equipment so you can have the best possible experience.

Ski & Snowboard School
CLUB HOTEL CATEDRAL SPA & offers a variety of signature programs to dial in your technique, save energy and extend your ski experience. Our program Programs is an unrivaled pathway to accelerated, permanent learning for adult Intermediate and Advanced skiers. No other programs produce such measurable achievement and enjoyment. This is the result of our specialized coaching techniques, cutting edge learning tools and great group camaraderie. Learning programs will help you to elevate your skills, achieve your personal goals and give you the ability and confidence for lifelong skiing. Over time, with the help of sports experts (including the input from program participants) our program has evolved into a powerful system for you to become a skilled and lifelong skier.

Kids School
For children 4 to 12 years. The ultimate ski/snowboard learning experience, build your confidence and explore the mountains with a pro that matches your exact needs. Classes are taught by instructors with extensive experience in teaching kids, with a maximum of six students grouped by age and level of skiing that are accompanied by their instructor and an assistant. Duration is half day or full day, starting a weekly course on Sunday, ending on Friday with an emotional closing week where everyone gets their reward for their efforts. It is mandatory to wear a helmet that will be provided by the school. Our goal is that kids not only learn to ski, but learn to respect and enjoy the mountains and everything that surrounds it.


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CLUB HOTEL CATEDRAL SPA & RESORT is located at the base of Cerro Catedral, near to the access to the cable car. Cerro Catedral is the largest and most developed ski resort in South America. It has more than 7,000 ski and over 1,500 snowboard equipments; and Nordic skiing equipments. There you will find bars, cafes, snacks, typical restaurants and international cuisine. A hospital first aid room nursing, x-ray and ambulance services. private health center with capacity to solve from simple clinical consultations as classic winter colds, flus, etc., to orthopedic problems. Highly specialized, with up to 90% resolution of consultations in place. Public telephone booths with DDN, DDI and Internet. Two Parking spots: South facilities (payed service with transportation for mobility) and Valey access (Free Service with internal transport to the base). Two ATMs Taxis, limos and urban passenger transport.

General Information

Base hight: 1030 msnm. Summit: 2100 msnm. Maximum height of track: 2100 m. Maximum height of off-piste: 2180 meters. Vertical Drop: 1070 m. Skiable area: 1200 hectares. Maximum skiable length: 9 kilometers. Minimum slope: 3 - maximum 60 - Average snowfall during the season: (according to statistics): Summit (2100 m): 6 meters, Intermedia (1600 m): 3 meters Base (1030 m): 1.5 m - Temperature and Climate: Low average winter temperature: -2 ° C average high: 12 ° - climate with prevailing winds from the west - North West. Schedule in the center: Subject to the opening of the winter season and weather conditions.

Lifts and Terrain information

Ski lovers have here with the largest ski area in South America. More than 1200 hectares, of which 50% are skiable. Cathedral offers over 120 kilometers of tracks and roads, with excellent snow from early June to early October and total exposure to daylight. Unlike other centers, access to the slopes is direct and close to the Base, the most comprehensive services of Argentine ski resorts, located at 1030 meters. The maximum skiable altitude, at 2,180 meters above sea level, offers one of the most impressive and beautiful views of the mountains. greenways: 4 (abc south + abc North 1200 base + caminito 1200 + school) - Green Zones 5 (Hoyita + 2000, Superior Amancay, base, square and area 1200) - Blue Tracks: 11 - Red pistes: 14 - black pistes 5 - Backcountry Areas or closed with signaling. Cost of bailouts outside the skiable area by the responsible.